Review Policy

My Review Policy

The vast majority of the books I review on this site are books that I have purchased myself. I also get books through NetGalley and sometimes directly from the publisher/author. If I haven’t bought the book myself I state this at the beginning of each review.

What I accept?

  • I will accept print copies and e-copies of books but I do strongly prefer e-copies.
  • I will consider books from self-publishers
  • Even if I accept your book I can’t guarantee I will read and review it.
  • When writing a review I am brutally honest about whether or not I would recommend it someone so please bare this in mind.
  • Estimated time frame for me to read and review your book is between 4- 6 weeks depending on what else I’m reading at the time.

Preferred Genres:

(in order of preference)

  1. New Adult
  2. Young Adult
  3. Romance
  4. Fantasy
  5. Contemporary
  6. Paranormal Romance
  7. Dystopian

Genres I don’t review:

  • Horror
  • Nonfiction
  • Autobiographies
  • Crime
  • Mysteries

My Rating System

I’m a pretty critical reviewer and whilst I don’t like giving bad reviews if I read something terrible I will be blunt about it but in a constructive way. Equally, if I loved your book I’ll be singing its praises. So please bear this in mind.

I utilize a 1-5 star rating system:

rating system purple

How to contact me.

You can email me directly using I check this email regularly so you should receive a prompt response.

Due to the recent high volume of requests, I will only be replying to those emails with books I am interested in reviewing at this time.

Where I post my reviews:

  • I post all my reviews on this blog site.
  • I will post to Amazon if required
  • I post a rating on GoodReads but NOT a full review
  • I also post on  Facebook and Instagram accounts.

What information do you need to give me when making a request:

  • Synopsis of your book
  • Release Date
  • Any other information you think may be relevant
  • If you have a time frame for when you want the review posted.

*I am not paid to blog or review, I do this because I loved to read so please keep this in mind if you are thinking of making a request. I will only accept deadlines that I agree to first.*